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Events for September 2018

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Calendar of Events
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Women’s Wrestling Revolution Facelift

WWE Live – Saint John, NB

Ice Ribbon Yokohama Culture Gymnasium Convention

Smash Wrestling Super Showdown VI TV Taping

Defiant Wrestling Stacked 2018


WWE Live – Rochester, NY

Insane Championship Wrestling Terminator 2.5: It’s Yersel

PROGRESS Chapter 75: These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends

New York Wrestling Connection Hotter Than Hell

WWE Raw – Toronto, ON

WWE Live – Peterborough, ON

WWE SmackDown – Toronto, ON

WWE Live – London, England

AAW Pro Destination Chicago

WWE NXT Live – Jacksonville, FL

WWE Live – Osaka, Japan

PROGRESS X WXW Fans Appreciation Night 2018 – Tag 1

AAW Pro Defining Moment

Chikara Pro King of Trios 2018 – Night One

WWE NXT Live – Fort Pierce, FL

Ice Ribbon 907

PROGRESS X WXW Fans Appreciation Night 2018 – Tag 2

Southside Wrestling Adrenaline Rush

Revolution Pro Wrestling Live in Leamington 2

All In: Zero Hour

American Combat Wrestling Don’t Trust Anyone 2018

WWE Live – Shanghai, China

Chikara Pro King of Trios 2018 – Night Two

WWE Live – Cleveland, OH

Diana – Kawasaki, Japan

Southside Wrestling Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Rascals

PROGRESS X WXW – Frankfurt, Germany

Chikara Pro King of Trios 2018 – Night Three

Revolution Pro Wrestling Live at the London Cockpit 32

WWE Live – Kalamazoo, MI

WWE Live – Saginaw, MI

WWE Raw – Columbus, OH

WWE SmackDown – Detroit, MI


WWE NXT Live – Crystal River, FL

WWE NXT Live – Buffalo, NY

Revolution Pro Wrestling Brawl at the Portsmouth Guildhall

WWE Live – Birmingham, AL

WWE NXT Live – Pittsburgh, PA

WWE NXT Live – Daytona Beach, FL


Queens of Combat Heir to the Throne

AAW Pro Seize the Day

Warriors of Wrestling King of New York

WWE Live – Mobile, AL

WWE Live – Amarillo, TX

WWE NXT Live – Warren, OH

Combat Zone Wrestling Down With the Sickness

Pro-Wrestling: EVE Maybe Wrestling Will Help?

The Crash Lucha Libre – Tijuana, Mexico

Westside Xtreme Wrestling – Bielefeld, Germany

WWE Live – Lubbock, TX

WWE NXT Live – Detroit, MI

Impact Wrestling at MediaCon

WWE Live – Biloxi, MI

WWE Raw – New Orleans, LA

WWE Live – Beaumont, TX

WWE SmackDown – Lafayette, LA

Ice Ribbon P’s Party Round 11

Bar Wrestling 18: Victims, Aren’t We All

Impact Wrestling TV Taping

WWE NXT Live – Dade City, FL

Bar Wrestling 19: It Can’t Rain All the Time

Absolute Intense Wrestling Escape From Cleveland

WWE Live – Edinburg, TX

WWE NXT Live – Tampa, FL

Impact Wrestling TV Taping

Westside Xtreme Wrestling – Ludwigshafen, Germany

Diana – Kawasaki, Japan

Ice Ribbon 908

WWE Live – Corpus Christi, TX

WWE Live – Houston, TX

WWE NXT Live – Venice, FL

Smash Wrestling One Hundred II

Beyond Wrestling Somebody’s Farewell, Probably

WWE Hell in a Cell 2018

WWE Raw – Dallas, TX

WWE Live – Oklahoma City, OK

WWE SmackDown – Tulsa, OK


WWE Live – Butte, MT

WWE NXT Live – Sanford, FL

Bellatrix 30

Ice Ribbon 909

Alternative Wrestling Show YAY Wrestling

Westside Xtreme Wrestling Shotgun Taping

Black Label Pro 9: The Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament

WWE Live – Billings, MT

WWE Live – Tucson, AZ

British Empire Wrestling Ambition of the Empire 3 & Glory of the Empire

Smash Wrestling London Vacation

WWE Live – Loveland, CO

Insane Championship Wrestling Bravehearto

WWE Live – Las Cruces, NM

Stardom – Tokyo, Japan

Ice Ribbon Yokohama Ribbon Fall 2018

WWE Raw – Denver, CO

WWE Live – Colorado Springs, CO

WWE SmackDown – Denver, CO

Ice Ribbon P’s Party Round 12

WWE NXT Live – Lakeland, FL

Pro-Wrestling: EVE Thursday Night Special: Global Women Strike

Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor 2018

WWE NXT Live – Orlando, FL

Ring of Honor – Las Vegas, NV

Ice Ribbon 911

Pro-Wrestling: EVE Strong Women Style 2018

PROGRESS Wrestling Hello Wembley!

Smash Wrestling Don’t Test Karma

WWE Live – Abbotsford, BC

WWE Raw – Seattle, WA

WWE Live – Kennewick, WA

WWE SmackDown – Portland, OR


WWE NXT Live – Sebring, FL

WWE NXT Live – Citrus Springs, FL

Ice Ribbon 912

WWE Super Show-Down 2018

WildKat Pro Wrestling Revolution Rumble

WWE NXT Live – St. Petersburg, FL

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